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silver__dragon's Journal

Draconis Castus Malfoy
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Draconis Castus Malfoy


Called: Draco, Dray, Dragon, Draconis, Drakie, Drac, Ferret-Boy [Thank you very much, Potter!], Slytherin Git, Slytherin Prince, Ice Prince
Age: 15
Birthday: 1980
House: Slytherin
Wand: Yew, 12 inches, Unicorn Hair
Siblings: None
Broomstick: Comet 260 (1991) Nimbus 2001 (1992)
Lives: Malfoy Mansion
Pet: None, but does have an Eagle Owl
Magic Level: Magus of the First Order, Dragon Mage

|[:Physical Description:]|

Height: 5'12”
Weight: 143 lbs.
Hair: White Blond
Eyes: Gray with specks of Deep Blue

Draco's hair used to be slicked back with gel, caked and stiff. Nowadays, he wears it shoulder-length. It is feathery soft to the touch, and feels like silk when you glide your hands through it. His skin is milky-white, almost translucent, as if he's spent his days avoiding the sun. His body is lean and supple, no extra fat anywhere, fit for a Seeker.

However much others may assume, Draco does not wear robes all the time. He wears dusty-jeans or baggy khakis with a tight T-shirt or an occasional long-sleeved cashmere sweater on his off days. His favorite colors for clothes are dark blue, dark green, ebony black, and pure white.

|[:Personality Description:]|

Draco is know for his icy exterior. Those who are closest to him, however, [including his soon to be fiancée, Pansy Parkinson (according to his Father, at least)] know that he is loyal and prideful to a fault. He makes a point of looking after others of his House, quite like a king might over his subjects. What others do not know, though, is that love is his one weakness. He will do anything and everything to protect the one he has pledged his heart to, regardless of how it is done.


Draco is the Slytherin Prince. Ruling the Slytherin House from atop his icy throne, Draco dictates and directs all Slytherins' in the school, regardless of age. Pansy Parkinson, his soon to be betrothed, follows him around since childhood. Outsiders view him as unreachable and ultimately categorize him as a future Deatheater, as following in his Fathers' footsteps.


Draco has several interests. He has always been interested in Runes, it being one of his most favorite subjects, alongside Potions in which his favorite Professor, Severus Snape, teaches.
One interest is picking on Gryffindors', especially Harry Potter, the known Savior of the Wizarding World.
Draco is also the Seeker on and Captain of the Slytherin Quidditch Team and they are going to win this year!
He loves complicated spells involving little-known areas of magic, and practices them in his freetime.

|[:Known For:]|

Draco is known for being the Slytherin Prince, as stated above. Also, as the heir of one of the wealthiest families of the aristocracy in the European Hemisphere he is a leader of the Slytherin House. As the archenemy of Harry Potter in Hogwarts, fights can be regularly witnessed between the two, when the Golden Boy is present, that is. Expected to be soon a Deatheater, married to Pansy Parkinson, and Heir to the Malfoy family, Draco is categorized too often.

|[:Truth Hurts:]|

Contact Draco at silver x malfoy. Also, this is for an RPG. No, Draco Malfoy isn't real. Sorry ladies, the perfect guy you were searching for doesn't exist.